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When we co-founded a business under the name “Sense & Sensuality LLC,” we received some funny looks, some awkward comments, and some curious questions. But, we weren’t daunted, because the name blends our friendship, our strengths, and our visions together perfectly. We combine the knowledge base and the research behind our dream, as well as the sensual lyricism of two women on a mission to bring back all-natural beauty into an area of many women’s lives that is overlooked. Into an area of our own lives that was overlooked until we decided to make a difference.


Alaina Newell PT, DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA has a long alphabet soup behind her name from the fact she puts passion behind everything she does. After completing her doctorate of physical therapy training she recognized her impact would be in the world of women, supporting women to rehabilitate through various phases of life, and she became a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist as a result of this drive. Her journey exposed her to oncology while caring for women following pelvic and breast cancer treatments. Working in this field daily, she meets bald, beautiful and brave women, who are battling to continue to live their everyday lives despite the side affects of oncology treatments. They are brave in their own journeys and braver still to recognize and discuss the need for hormonal and romantic support in their lives. Alaina treasures every phase of life spanning from her young toddling children to mentoring her tweening nieces to loving and supporting her young ‘new boss mom’ colleagues, her ‘everyday women’ best friends, her ‘wise women’ mentors and her ‘healing heart’ clients. She lives to develop an understanding of the history of food and loves to slow down in order to make old and new recipes from scratch. Alaina proudly wears the badge of beekeeper, She finds her stride running for the long haul and swimming like a fish. She is at peace in the outdoors and leans on nature to support her heart, body and soul.


Lauren Hasz, MA, CD(DONA), has had a career path with many twists and turns, influenced primarily by an infertility journey and motherhood. Beginning in journalism and education, she ended up in women’s health management and owning her own thriving birth doula and wellness and lifestyle coaching businesses. Her daily work revolves around her own children, her mama village, pregnant and postpartum clients, and her dream of seeing women live confidently, transparently, and fully alive. She describes herself as a woman standing in the fire, becoming the fire, and beholding the fire. She is a lover of all things coffee and a believer in big emotions and little joys. She rolls with adventure, but crave roots and home. She blogs occasionally, takes photos often, and treasures the simple moments and deep breathes that make up her mothering days. Her work has primarily been with women in the perinatal phase of life, and then she also specializes in using therapeutic-grade essential oils to support natural health and wellness. She cries often with those who cry, and laughs deeply with those who laugh. She is most definitely not above sipping a glass of bourbon with you while discussing faith, mamahood, and sexuality.

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